Mingyu dating

mingyu dating

NCTs Jaehyun (a.k.a. He was in his middle schools soccer team, and they even participated in nationals. Introduction, mingyu (born April 6, 1997) is a South Korean singer. His outward appearance probably gives off the impression that hes cool, but in reality, hes brighter than anyone and constantly smiling/laughing. Hes in charge of hair styling in the group. Mingyu has not always been rumored to have a special relationship with girl. (Japanese Seventeen Magazine) Hes the type who wants to do things that are meaningful, like eating with friends, watching movies, and going out. Note: Please dont copy-paste the content of this page to other sites/places on the web. This will be a good practice for him before taking up bigger roles.

He's my ultimate bias He's my bias in Seventeen He's among my favorite members in Seventeen, but not my bias He is ok He is among my least favorite members in Seventeen He's my ultimate bias 42, 37 votes 42 3752 votes -. Mingyu has yet to share his opinion about marriage. 7,946,661 Active members and growing, find your Perfect Match Free. In a tv show, Sohye shyly showed her interest towards Mingyu. He is a precious gem stone that shines like a star.

Mingyu is also interested in dating a noona or in Korean means older woman. His favorite animals are dogs (and he has a pet dog). He was voted by the other members as the member whose looks and personality dont match.

His type of women, when asked about his ideal type of woman, his answer was that he liked a kind-hearted and easy going fick treffen in Jessen woman. He wants to meet EXO. He can repair broken things. He was always going out and doing things. Girlfriend, apparently, Mingyu is single now. (Japanese Seventeen Magazine) His personality is different to what he looks like. Get involved today at Mingle Dating by joining up and taking the first steps towards mingling and getting to know thousands of singles.